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Expertise and core values that are the foundation of our business


Our company, WaneGlobal, is one of the most successful investment firms. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in products from the financial, money and bond markets, and alternative assets (neither bonds nor equities).

We combine our industrial vision with our investment expertise. In addition to this deep functional knowledge, we have developed a methodology based on high-quality standards achieved through patient and disciplined procedures and highly motivated staff. As a result, we at WaneGlobal can generate significant returns on investment by aligning our partners' interests with our own.

Our teams work to add value to your portfolio by using them in various investments diversified by nature, location, and industry. We invest in private equity, public equity, fixed income, venture capital, real estate, credit, tech and crypto.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through personal expertise and core values that are the foundation of our business.

Our Aim

Our goal is to be among the top investment firms that provide the best returns for our clients. To achieve this, we have built an investment portfolio that includes many international companies in various industries. Furthermore, to achieve our goal of consistent and positive returns for all parties, we ensure that our services always meet high-quality standards down to the smallest detail.

Our Values


We are committed to sharing our success with you through our investment approach, which combines the search for world-class companies with strict quality criteria.


To ensure that the wishes of our shareholders are taken into account in the best possible way in our service offering, we place human relations at the center of our business. Therefore, we encourage our dedicated employees to keep their responsibility to our shareholders front of mind.


To ensure that our shareholders benefit from satisfactory and sustainable returns, we only include companies that operate based on proven business models and have a reliable management structure in our portfolio.

The Vision of Our Business

As an investment company, our business perspective is to create and sustainably maximize value. In concrete terms, we do this by utilizing innovative financial engineering methods, rigorous investment processes, and granting exclusive access to a worldwide network of investors.

To offer you sustainable solutions, our consultants focus on defining the fundamentals of your company and the long-term interests of all stakeholders. At WaneGlobal, we are true partners to our investors, ensuring that our common interests align with sustainable actions and long-term market focus.

For WaneGlobal, the sustainable impact of our activities benefits our business environment, including our employees, our investors, and the civil society with whom we interact. The values we promote are:

Inventiveness to create extraordinary collaborations

Rigorously question what we've achieved

Challenge ideas

Persevere in all projects

Defend original points of view with tenacity

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