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From Investments to Sustainable Impact

At WaneGlobal Tech, our investment team is supported by prominent founders. We also work with management teams of companies. These companies are chosen from among the leaders in their market as well as innovative structures that are in their early stages.

Our goal is to provide a unique added value based on several parameters. These include both our in-depth knowledge of the various sub-industries and our experience in assisting technology companies, regardless of their economic conditions or location in the world. At WaneGlobal Tech, we also draw on our expertise in using business models to drive growth. With the collective resources at our disposal, we are able to propose and implement customized value creation plans for our clients.

Our methodology and tactics adapted to each sector of activity

With its extensive industry knowledge, our team has the ability to find the companies with which the best partnerships can be created. These companies use technology solutions in a variety of sectors such as manufacturing, energy, consumer products, healthcare and financial services.

In addition to our multi-sector skills, we also have IT knowledge. We support our clients in IT architecture, cloud computing, cybersecurity and the Internet of things (IoT). Our expertise also covers consumer software, data analytics, mobility hardware technology and innovative tool-based business services.

WaneGlobal works with the management of its portfolio companies. This allows us to ensure significant performance improvement through a variety of value-creation levers, including mergers and acquisitions, new product development, international growth, and strategic positioning methods. Our technology investments are mainly focused on the following areas

Development of play and communication infrastructures;

Digital transition;

Increased interest in security and infrastructure software;

The development of vertical application software for different sectors;

The sometimes harmful consequences of horizontal software in large and growing markets.

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