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Real Estate

From Investments to Sustainable Impact


Our company, WaneGlobal, began operations as a real estate investment platform in 2020.

Our teams closely follow global trends that influence the real estate market and have the operational knowledge to understand the evolving real estate industry. This practice allows us to offer our shareholders tailor-made investment strategies that respond to the specificities of the local markets in which they wish to operate.

Our methods

Our business policy is to invest across the risk spectrum and in the different phases of the real estate cycle (expansion, crisis, depression, and recovery). This strategy, implemented in real estate from the beginning, has proven successful, as demonstrated by the growth of our services across geographical areas and products. We are thus able to offer our small number of partners varied and promising solutions.

Our Strategy

At WaneGlobal, our approach is to identify and purchase assets under management in strategic market locations. We then create companies to manage these properties to maximize their value optimally. This value enhancement is achieved by renovating the properties, allowing us to sell the properties at a better price and return the capital to our partners.

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