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Public Equity

From Investments to Sustainable Impact

About WaneGlobal Public Equity

Our company offers investors alternative stocks selected through our specific and unique approach involving extensive research on companies and industries. In this way, our company acquires and develops in-depth knowledge to provide you with profitable and original investment proposals. Furthermore, based on the research of possible investment opportunities on all continents, we insist on a detailed study of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and the analytical construction of portfolios.

Our Philosophy
Our Approach to Investments

To find and capitalize on the best opportunities in the equity markets, our firm has developed targeted strategies based on rigorous selection and construction of analytical portfolios that include ESG risk management.

What we offer our clients:

Full transparency of our practices to maintain client trust.

Joint investment opportunities to help expand investment portfolios.

Client services tailored to your interests.

Access to strategic relationships to further expand professional networks.

Opportunities to develop skills through knowledge sharing.

Our Methods

Our company implements diversified investment strategies, both in terms of vehicle structures and risk/return profiles. We propose investments to benefit from attractive returns after completing an entire cycle in an industry or market. We emphasize the quality of the return on investment and the generation of alphas. Are you looking for partners who are flexible in their commitments? We are ready to work with you on a long-term basis.

The Investors

To collaborate successfully with our clients, we make strategic relationships and possible shared investments the focus of our association, working in total transparency and sharing our knowledge.

Our experienced investor relations consultants are available to assist you. In addition, they are available to answer your inquiries regarding investment opportunities at publicequitywg@waneglobal.com.

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