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From Investments to Sustainable Impact

With the development of community-based, decentralized and open services, the Internet is undergoing a major evolution. This change impacts all of our daily lives, whether we are working, playing or conducting transactions. Since the creation of the Web, this is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological evolutions. This is why WaneGLobal Crypto is positioned as an investment firm specifically dedicated to supporting the projects of teams working to build the next generation Internet, from the emergence of ideas to their implementation. We develop both a collaborative and technical approach by positioning ourselves as key partners in the research, development and implementation stages.

The best way to invest in digital assets

At WaneGLobal Crypto, we offer exclusive services for understanding and using digital assets. Based on the specific objectives of each of our clients, we design a customized investment strategy. WaneGlobal Crypto supports the digital asset engagements of private companies and large financial institutions such as brokerage firms, retirement plans, foundations, Registered Investment Adviors (RIAs) or endowments.

Our services

WaneGlobal Grypto offers tailor-made services related to digital assets. Thus, companies have all the information they need to decide how to invest in crypto-currencies. They have the opportunity to understand the importance and place of digital assets in their investment portfolio.

Methodologies for evaluating and investing in digital assets

Definition of strategies to protect against the possibility of a decrease in the value of digital assets: use of classical financial principles to minimize the risks when investing.

Public equity: strategies for analyzing publicly traded companies advancing in the digital asset sector.


Definition of metrics and valuation methods that allow the estimation of digital assets: their current value and their potential value in the future.

Developed position sizing models to achieve good performance for the digital asset portfolio, i.e. positive alpha.


Assistance in securing your digital assets with specific methods.


Conducting independent digital asset valuations and presenting the most secure preservation solutions from the industry's leading companies.

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