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Abu Dhabi

WaneGlobal | Level 36,Tower 3- Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE P.O.Box 28686 | Phone: +9712.409.3136
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We focus on hiring teams with proven experience

WaneGlobal offers its clients equity portfolios that are distinguished by their high quality and diversity. We construct them in accordance with all international standards of best investment practice.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals and to guarantee such a high level of service to our partners, we focus on hiring teams with proven experience.
By combining the specific areas of expertise of each of our employees, we are able to exceed our own goals and move towards ever higher levels of service.

Manuel Cruz

Senior Vice President Real Estate

Nesrine Jalled

Investment Analyst Private Equity

Mohammed Alkaff Al Hashmi

Senior Vice President, Private Equity

Amal Alatawi

Vice President, Venture

Ilaria Bitetta

Associate, Public Equity

Sameer Tariq

Senior Advisor

Gianfranco Sancassano

Vice President of Technology

Myriam Kuleeb

Principal, Credit

Catia D. Marques

Principal, Real Estate

Tope Imasekha

Senior Advisor

Mohammad Md Shamim

Analyst, Tech

Rania Al Mansoor

Chief Executive Officer

Mira Taimoor

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ahmed Alhejaili

Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Rodrigo Fonseca

Vice President, Public Equity

Vita Gaisma

Head of Brand Marketing

Ismail Wagane Diouf

Senior Advisor

Moaid Mahjoub

Executive Senior Advisor

Abdelwahab Moukaid

Senior Vice President Public Affair

Pamela White


Robert Kohlbry

Global Head Structured Finance

Tirthank Shah

Senior Advisor

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Our recruitment policy for new talent

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